Teachers losing sleep over online exam system

The SAPS or better known as the Online School Examination Analysis System has been criticized since it was launched last month. The criticisms mostly came from the NUTP (National Union of the Teaching Profession) who called on the Education Ministry’s NKRA (National Key Results Area) unit to improve the system.

According to Lok Yim Phing, the secretary-general of NUTP, since the launch of the SAPS, there has been many complaints about the efficiency. The SAPS was launched as one of the efforts to centralize the examination results from all the states.  In fact, it was reported that teachers have found it to be counter-productive as they have to wait for hours to key in the data.

At the end of the day, the online examination system has caused teachers to be stressed out and this is widely affecting their lessons in classrooms because they have to spend too much time on the SAPS. The deadline for the keying of the data had just passed (August 15) and hence, they are requesting that the NKRA unit extend it to the end of the month. Furthermore, the SAPS is reportedly very slow in processing and is not as user friendly as many would like it to be. Such frustrations are seriously causing a lot of headaches for the teachers who have to spend too much time learning the SAPS (Systems of Analysis for School Examination) and then actually using it. In certain conditions, the system even stalls and hangs due to heavy traffic, which means teachers would have to use it during the nights or early in the mornings.

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